“The Silk Roads have connected civilisations and brought peoples and cultures into contact with each other from across the world for thousands of years, permitting not only an exchange of goods but an interaction of ideas and cultures that has shaped our world today.” The UNESCO Silk Roads Project.

Marco Polo travelling, Miniature from the Book “The Travels of Marco Polo” (“Il milione“), originally published during Polo’s lifetime (c. 1254 – January 8, 1324), but frequently reprinted and translated. Source:

This web site attempts to bring some of this history and cultural exchange to life by visiting 41 objects in the British Museum in London and telling a small story about each one.

It is designed to be used either when at the British Museum as a self guided tour, or as a virtual tour, say in your own home. If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with multiple rooms and stairs you may wish to study the maps and allocate galleries to your room and follow the tour from room to room.

This is a private tour, it is not delivered, sponsored or organised by the British Museum. The tour is intended for those with a general interest in art and history, it is not intended for art historians. No liability is accepted by the tour guide for any life changing epiphanies experienced. Neither is any credit or blame accepted for any improvement or deterioration in physical, mental, or emotional health.

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